• Rainbow Ball Pit

    Our Rainbow Multi Coloured Ball Pit will be a hit at any party! With our Ball Pits, we drop off all the equipment and you assemble the equipment with handy on-screen instructions automatically sent to you via text from our Hire Hub Platform. A paper form of instructions will be given to you on the day. 

    Our Rainbow Ball Pit includes:

    • Plastic MultiColoured Playpen
    • ALL the colours Multicoloured Crushproof Balls
    • Thick Foam Base
    • Foam Building Blocks
    • 1 Sturdy Plastic Slide
    • 1 Rocker
    • Basketball Hoop (Plastic Freestanding) 
    • Optional: Assembly or Operator/Supervisor (Min 2 hours) for a small fee.  

    Ages: Up to 6 years old is recommended
    Supervision: All children must be supervised at all times by a person aged 18 years +. 
    Setup Space: You will require a space of approx 50cms on each side of the size ball pit you choose. You will require a flat area, either inside or outside. 
    Play Pen Safety: This playpen features rounded edges and corners for child safety and is 58cm high. There are small openings in the panels. It  is a requirement that children are supervised at all times. 
    Hire Hub Platform: We will send you everything you need automatically from our Platform, as well as weather updates to ensure your day goes smoothly.
    Cleaning: Please ensure no food or drink is allowed in the Play Pen. We follow rigorous cleaning protocols.

    Please enter size required in the 'Additional Information' section at checkout.
    Medium: 2.15m x 2.15m (Square)
    Mega: 4.15m x 2.15m (Rectangle)