• Want to ensure you are super prepared? Check this list out!

    1. Check space required - Do you know where you want your party equipment?
      Must have:
      - A dry even surface
      - No rocks or gravel
      - No Power Lines and or other Infrastructure positioned above Setup Area.
      - Emergency Evacuation area access
    2. Check electricity required - Have you got a power point free and ready to use?
    3. Check path to setup location, are there any steps or gates? Do you have a dog that needs to be locked away?
    4. Have you read our terms and conditions? This has the rules, safety procedures and emergency evacuation information. You will need to sign that you have read it on the day.
    5. Have you paid? All our bookings require payment 5 days before event (unless booking last minute - which will need to be paid before delivery. We do not accept cash payment on the day)
    6. You will get a text from us a few days prior and on the day with weather updates! Is your contact information correct?
    7. Lastly.. Did you want any extras? Book in advance! Limited quantities avail.